Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Nosectomy

I lost my nose in a horrific accident at work, and had to be operated on immediately.

The surgeon scrubbed up and began the operation.

The new nose was gently lowered into place. The surgeon had failed to notice that my eyes were wide open - the anaesthetic was wearing off...

Blood gushes. Oh, the pain...

The surgeon lowers a brace.

I return to the ward while the nurses clear up.

I am happy to recieve visitors.


Blogger JuliaP21 said...

Dear Lady Nutley,

I hope you are well and have recovered from your nosectomy.

Why I'm sending you this comment is this,

I'm organising an exhibition for Platform 21, 'Me and my character'. It's about characters (designer toys) and their proud owners.
People who have a special relation with a character and can tell us why they like/love/hate them, what's so special about it, why they chose them, what they do with it.
Some people carry them with them, always. Or have them on their desks, on their bedside table, like maybe you have.

For the first stage we're asking persons we know have a special character or collect them, to send us a picture of them with their character. We want to use that image to send out (by mail), put on blogs or maybe on posters/flyers as a call to other character-owners to join us, send their image and join the exhibition.

Would you like to join? Then please send your picture to

I'd like picture with lots of pixels (in case we're going to print it).

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone you know who owns a character.
I will keep you updated on the exhibition and it's content, opening date etc.

We are also looking for persons who want to 'lend' us their favourite character for the duration of the exhibition (1 month). We know, it's tough to send your beloved one over, but we promise to provide him/her/it with a sweet and caring home.

Looking forward to hear from you, or to see your picture...


Julia Llamas

Productionmanager >>>Platform 21
PO Box 16555 >>>1001 RB >>> Amsterdam
+31(0)20 3449449 >>> +31(0)6 21893535

7:34 AM  

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